[Bell Historians] 3 bell restorations

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Ah! I had forgotten about the Southwell Diocese, probably because many of
the lesser numbered rings are augmented when restored. I know a few people
are against augmentation, but at the end of the day, there is more chance of
bells being rung regularly - and of retaining a band - if there are 5 or 6
bells rather than three. There are quite a few very ringable 3 bell towers
in the Oxford Diocese, but to my knowledge only one, Didcot, has a regular
band of ringers. That said, I think it is more likely that the bells are
heard more frequently at those towers where the bells are hung for ringing,
than those where lever chiming is the mode. There will be an occasional
visiting band and ringing can be provided by other towers for weddings &
special services.

As a matter of interest, perhaps George can provide us with some data on the
number of rings of 5 and above in the Southwell Diocese in say 1970,
compared with today. I doubt if many (if any) other Dioceses will have seen
such an increase.


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