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Sue Marsden erincaters at OFJYRmu8uLTdfUh1AmRd5IGiM86k5QMroOqdmBKp0cVyE0jFqVNSzrMqJaKCRe0UW8vg9h8fQGeaXHROmva7.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jan 21 17:31:22 GMT 2008

Thanks Alan - much obliged!. Can I be even cheekier and ask a couple
more questions for when you have a few spare moments?
Could you give me deatails of the 28 Jan 1936 peal you say has no
association given. Then you go on to say "The peal above was rung for
the Bedfordhsire Assoc" is that the peal above it in the RW? That
puzzled me at first. It should have been for the Ely but perhaps
someone was not a member? Unfortunately I do not have any reprts older
than 1956 so I will have to ask the GenSec to check for me.
our tower captian is convicned that some peals were rung for the
peterborough Association and thought they were from the 1930s, and was
given this info by Felstead. I think they could though be pelas from
the 1920s as the Peterborough DG was formed in 1924 and peals in the
30s would be rung by the Peterborough DG - always assuming he has he
name right. Could you possibly check the 1920s peals to see what assoc
they were rung for? They all predate the founding of the PDG so may
have been Peterborough Association which I seem to recall seeing on a
few old peal boards in the area.
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many thanks again

On 21/01/2008, Alan Ellis <alan_ellis at Kwv0qngQVB5gl--iPRmzClz0-OHtQJtQHJhPQBBShfrcFleuiovTFJQ0mWgZrRzAf4Y2eVlQQ5jRv8JHvZU.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> Hello Sue,
> Very cheeky indeed.   I've not even had a chance to get out of my PJ's  :-)
> You could have said that they were all rung at Chatteris.
> All nine peals were rung for the EDA except for one!   28 Jan 1936 was not rung for anyone!!  No association details were published for that peal.
> The peal above was rung for the Bedfordhsire Assoc.   However, as the Chatteris peal was rung by a Sunday Service band, IMHO, it would also have been rung for the EDA.  Would you not agree?
> What do the EDA annual reports say?
> Best wishes
> Alan
> Now I really must get ready for work.... good job I work out of my home.
> Sue Marsden wrote:
> If it's not too cheeky, is there anyone with access to the RW for the
> 1930s and with a few minutes (?) to spare
> who could tell me which of these peals was not rung for the Ely DA? I
> have been told that 3 or 4 were rung for the 'Peterborough
> Association' - I don't know if they meant Peterborough DG. Any details
> would be much appreciated
> Sue Marsden
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