[Bell Historians] Peal details

Sue Marsden erincaters at bq6n17CmD1-bYtxKPkY_MnUxLIoPWdW7FO97Hmoew4s6KmomptPoriWQ3s50lgbtto7SMVKyEAJtc9pVLP-ou00.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 22 10:03:29 GMT 2008

On 21/01/2008, Alan Ellis <alan_ellis at oZ-0daUEh8sfMz_7QideCnPGJj4hLRmVPlRztiN3of7GPMnb8eVmNZsay8JzyPnbsH3TeZAqB9h4vf-i9v8L.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> 22 Jan 1921
> 18 Jun 1921
> 11 Aug 1921
> These three were rung for the Peterborough and District Association

Many thanks - this would explain why our Tower Captain was told that
there was no trace of them in the Peterborough Diocesan Guild peal

> The 28 Jan 1936 peal (in the 14 Feb 1936 RW) listed the following ringers:
(No Assoc. details.)
> R. Paul
> P. Smith
> W. Young
> S. Murphy
> D. Paul (1st peal)
> W. Seekings (C)
> "All the above are regular Sunday service ringers."

It's very likely there is a printed peal board for this in the tower -
I shall have to check on Sunday. They used to hang on the wall but the
wires became unsafe and now they are in a pile waiting to be rehung! R
Paul was killed in the 2nd WW. Dudley Paul still lived in Chatteris
when I moved there in 1986 and was working as a shoe repairer and was
a real 'character'- the shop was an Aladin's cave of old tools and
shoes. (It's now an undertakers) I was always going to get him to tell
me about his memories of the old Chatteris ringers (the local band was
a good one) but sadly he died before I got round to it. Moral - don't
put off doing things like this! The last peal by an all local band was
in the mid 1960s but hopefully we will ring one this year.


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