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There is an agreement in place with EIG on the subject of bells being 
left up which was negotiated betwwen CCCBR and EIG some years ago and 
published in their policy documentation.

There is also now regular contact between the Tower Stewardship 
Committee and EIG.

I doubt that the Group Chief Surveyor, Ian Wainwright, would support the 
use of the "we" in this case and you should refer to underwriter to his 
company's policies and not indulge in debating them with him.

Further support and assistance should be forthcoming from the Tower 
Stewardship Committee. It is not in the interests of anyone that local 
re-negotiation breaks out!

EIG "Guidance Notes for Churches" - Section 3 - Health and Safety - 
Conditions of Use Applying to Change-Ringing Bells
[Page 12] applies

It would be nice to think that an EIG senior Underwriter was familiar 
with his own Guidance!

Hope this helps.


Andrew Aspland wrote:
> Not history but would the learned list care to comment on this quote 
> from an Ecclesiaistical Insurance Senior Underwriter:
> "The reasons that we prefer that the bells are left in the 'down' 
> position are as follows:
> "1. From the material damage point of view, if the bells are left in 
> the 'up' position and a fire actually gets up into the tower above the 
> bells, then debris will fall down into the bells themselves, rather 
> than just bounce off them and fall to the ground.  
> "Then, the weight of the debris and the bells combined could cause 
> serious damage not only to the bells but also potentially damage the 
> bell frame, if not to the structure of the tower itself, and bearing 
> in mind that you have quite a lot of bells then it could prove a real 
> danger to the structure of your church."
> This sounds like the idea of someone who has no idea of what it is 
> like in a bell tower - and the last paragraph describes such a 
> disasterous scenario that the bells being up or down would have little 
> bearing on the matter. 
> Andrew
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