Diameters of notable bells

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Mon Jan 28 13:47:28 GMT 2008

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> Wanamaker Store.  G&J;  114" Diameter;  310-1-28[could be 23] in D 
> Dec 3, 1923. I believe this bell has been relocated.

Wasn't the first of the two Wanamaker bells cast in 1926, not 1923?   
This first bell was found to have a casting defect during tuning and 
was recast later in the same year.   

This was a bit of an embarrassment as the bell was cast to 
commemorate the 150th Anniversary the American Independence, but was 
not available to be sounded on 4th July, 1926.

In 1931 the bells was moved from the Wanamaker Store to the Lincoln-
Liberty Tower, where it was rehung as a swinging bells.   Today, the 
building is a bank and the bell still sounds the hours every day 
except Sundays.   

The bell can be heard in courtroom scene of the 1993 
film "Philadelphia", starring Tom Hanks.



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