Bell diameters

Bill Hibbert bill at
Tue Jan 29 20:26:28 GMT 2008

Thanks to all for their help with this, on and off list. Steve Ivin 
points out that we have already discussed the sizes of the Westminster 
quarters, on April 22 2002 - David Cawley gave the sizes then. I hope 
David and George will forgive me for pointing out some discrepancies in 
the data supplied, as follows:

Great Bede: DLC 6' 5 1/2", GAD 6' 10 1/2"
Westminster Q2: DLC 2002 4' 0", DLC 2008 3' 8 1/16".

Perhaps these bells are not round! :-)

Also, regarding Alan's weight for the Wanamaker bell, 310-1-23 must be 
the correct reading as 28lbs = 1qtr. I have seen the figure of 310-1-28 
in more than one place, it is a common mis-reading. For clarity, I 
assume this is the weight of the 1923 bell which no longer exists.

Bill H


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