Wanamaker bell

Bill Hibbert bill at lW0boBb80aFL9nd3h6dioIX92fa8nF0ti4TSz3JHW3Wqj5a707vZXNasuFZdHCfOfMiqMGFZCD63Zpdi9BE.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 30 13:19:43 GMT 2008

Further research has unearthed the following (from the Friends of the 
Wanamaker Organ website). It casts some doubt on the supposed first 
casting date for the Wanamaker Bell of 1923 - it reads as if both 
attempts to cast occurred in 1926.

"The ... bell that rings from the belfry of the PNB-First Union bank 
building on North Broad Street and Penn Square in Philadelphia was 
commissioned by Rodman Wanamaker in 1926 as a memorial to his father, 
John Wanamaker ... The bell was cast by the distinguished Gillett and 
Johnston foundry in Croydon, England ... Production delays caused its 
dedication to be postponed from the Fourth of July until New Year's 
Eve 1926-27."

Bill H


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