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  Re Great Abel:-

  GAD wrote: It got recast!!

  Yes it was. The first Great Abel, cast in 1877 weighing 6-9-0-0, was 7'-5" in diameter. It cracked soon after installation, probably due to an over-heavy hammer. The present hour hammer is a mighty thing. It may well be the culprit!

  The second (and present) Great Abel was cast at 11.00am on July 12th 1882. It was made thicker and given a slightly larger diameter. That diameter is 7'-7½". Its weight, measured at the foundry, is 8-2-3-0. Does anyone know how the extra 3lb came about? All this information comes from Taylors work sheet for the original MTH bells and Great Abel II.

  Of interest to you, Bill, will be a record of the notes of what I assume is Great Abel, as measured by Taylors on Sept 26th 1898

          Hum            Fund            Tierce            Quint          Nom

  A        107            200                249                303            413.5

  G        97              183                226                290            379

  Why frequencies for two notes are given,  I don't know. I suspected Andrew H would reply on the Great Abel subject, but he is probably busy. Perhaps he can answer the questions from above at some time: whether the work sheet frequencies are Great Abel's; and why two sets of frequencies are recorded.

  Although Great Abel is hung dead, it retains its clapper from the time it could be swung. 

  Chris Povey            

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  > Does anyone know the diameters of the following bells? I have failed 
  > find them despite looking in numerous places. I> Great Abel at 
  Manchester Town Hall
  > Bill H

  RW diary gives a weight of 8-2-3-3 cast JT 1882
  An Architectural and General Description of The Town Hall Manchester 
  1878 gives a weight of 6-9-0-0 diameter 7 feet 5 inches.
  Any ideas about the discrepancy?

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