G&J bells: the 'missing list'

John Baldwin Dovemaster at lE0EfwrG3tgM0qjF20ocP-9649gRqgaAcXYG4Wm_k6yHk2nAfOquWmxlOaOG08BZMKT2WkZiWDDzI3_jwGujPNwoRA.yahoo.invalid
Sat May 10 06:49:45 BST 2008

In his very readable review of Jill Johnston's book England's Child in
this week's RW, George Pipe said: "If I have one regret about this fine
book it is the absence of a gazetter of G&J rings in the British Isles".

I have uploaded to the files section of this forum a .csv format file
(which can be opened in Excel and thus be re-sorted as required) of G&J
bells currently in the pNBR within Dove. I have also sent a printed
version to George (who rejoices in having no computer) and of the file
to Jill Johnston.


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