[Bell Historians] Moseley St Mary

Sue Marsden erincaters at fYMtuIdzuHk39iVpPzZU8Owv6S-S1m4uS_wAXc5e7aRVyGbPs-XfL83DlyaKEfk91VlvFSoRaGHvNFeMl_BIa1s.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 20 09:38:10 BST 2008

2008/5/20 Richard Offen <richard.offen at kZRIZHoZPIiKn0B6NClrW8_v7_z__jns_0wmht6xJjw-JaUpVnfaLgaUdRNYgu-DHWfOHfY8ZOMYOdp9iVZKborH.yahoo.invalid>:
> If it was the Medical Guild, I expect they simply gave the bell an aspirin
> and said, "call me again in the morning if it's not better."   J
> R

If it had been the Clerical Guild would they have said a prayer for
it? and 'forgiven' the 'guilty' party?



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