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Thanks to every one who has replied. It is only that I'm trying to calculate a number of G&J weights from their cast weight, less Tunings to arrive at the Tuned or Despatched weight when the Tuned weight is not given in their Tuning Books.

Alan B.
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  In case it's of any help here's a JavaScript fragment to convert lbs to cwt-qrs-lbs:
          function lbsToCwtQrsLbs(wtlbs){
              var lbs = wtlbs % 28;            // remainder # lbs after removing qrs from total
              var wtqrs = (wtlbs - lbs)/28;    // total is now 'wtqrs' qrs plus 'lbs' lbs
              var qrs = wtqrs % 4;            // remainder # qrs after removing cwt from 'wtqrs'
              var cwt = (wtqrs - qrs)/4;        // total is now 'cwt'x 112 + 'qrs'x 28 + 'lbs'
              if ((lbs==0)&&(qrs==0)){return cwt+'cwt';}
              return cwt+'-'+qrs+'-'+lbs;

  Peter Trotman

  On 5/21/08, Mike Chester <mike at> wrote:
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    > Does anyone have a formula whereby one can add/subtract Tons - 
    > hundredweight - quarters - pounds suitable for computer use? I'm not 
    > well up in these matters.
    > Alan B.

    Depending on how many you might want to do you might use this site?.

    Could convert things into pounds, add them up and covert them back into 


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