Glastonbury, St. John the Baptist

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Mon May 26 22:10:18 BST 2008

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> The tenor is now the bourdon at Albury NSW, see Dove on line.
> Alan

It is indeed and is hung for slow swinging. When we rang there on a 
tour, I asked the local RM what the extra rope was for and he 
mentioned it was a 26cwt bell from England. He let me swing it and 
then mentioned it was from Glastonbury and I realised I had once rung 
a 1/4 peal on it in it's old home. On the same trip I rang several old 
Bishopstoke bells in different towers I had rung before and also some 
of the Gosport bells although I had not rung on those before they were 
removed. Small world.



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