[Bell Historians] Bell wheels needed

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Thanks, I will think out the logistics of picking up, convince myself I can get them in, and then make some suggestions. 
If you are working at Herriad, its less than 10 miles from Dogmersfield. I could pick up very easily from there. That would save on expenses!
Donation gift aided I presume!
Alan Birney was to do the job but has disappeared form the face of the earth!!
I drilled the nuts with 2.5mm and then used the nut splitter, worked like magic.
The tenor is done, and all but 1 nut on 2. The tenor wheel is o/k.
I will have to sort how to lift the bells as wheels won't go in without.
Its not an A so the bell wont go sideways enough.
I am next there Friday.
I am doing a costs only job in the hope of persuading them that any funds left should start an augmentation scheme.
The new Warden is very keen.
Cheers, Rod

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	I need 2 wheels
	58" could use 55" to 62
	Box 8 ½ X 3 ¾, but I could use almost anything with a box more than 7" X 3"
	60 ½" could use 57" to 64"
	Box 9 7/16 X 4 ¾ 
	Could use anything with a box more than 8 x 4.
	Please reply off list.
	Please pass on to anyone who may have redundant wheels.
	I can repair the existing wheels but they have extremely thin soles, some missing and one spoke has gone. There is no shrouding and the timber round the boxes has split, rust expansion.
	they will never be much good.
	Main requirement, must be very cheap!
	The bells are post WW1 flat head, and if recovered may well the church that they would form the basis of a very nice 6.

Ah - I would like to see these going again!
I have several around these sizes, the two closest are 57½" and 61½" diameter. £25 each to the Rosscarbery augmentation fund! The eye sizes are a little bigger than you want, but I can cut some steel angle brackets which you can coach bolt to the headstocks and bolt the wheels to these. 
Matthew Higby & Company Ltd,
Church Bell Engineers,
Jasmine Cottage,
The Street,
BA3 4HN.



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