[Bell Historians] Glastonbury, St. John the Baptist

Dickon Love dickon at xuTJr0KjRz1zLyN7HAf1iw0sZLLnXT_W01JnGkua-w5Z0AagEvuCYr6jBVnXcI0HLle8muoaW63YYmQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 27 20:14:47 BST 2008

"It happens all the time over here!   I've now rung on several bells and
ring on both sides of the world:   Swan Bells, formerly at St
Martin-in-the-Fields London, St Mary Magd. Oxford, now the back six at
Mandurah and Clungunford treble, now at Singleton .there may be others
I've forgotten!"

"Recycling at its best!"

Yeah, the system works so well we sent Richard Offen down under for
recycling too...



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