Battlesden Bedfordshire

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The tower contains a ring of 3 bells, 
1 Blank with a ground out sound bow crack to half way up waist 28 3/4"
the opened crack shows the bell to be a thin casting.
2 T Mears London 1813,  31 1/8" Good
3 Blank, 31 1/8" Casting style as 1 but a differing sound bow profile. 
1&3 are rather small in the crown and waist but not long.
All are hung from traditional cannons.
They are in a rather fine KP short head frame.
All ironwork is early, probably pre 1815 as the work is coarse thread
bolted with large square nuts
! would guess the headstocks of 1&2 are the same age as the 2nd and that
there was some attention to foundation beams and all the cross bracing
was renewed or  fitted. The frame sides are original.
All bells have plate gudgeons, the ones on 1 and 2 having been roughly
fitted on headstocks made for strap gudgeons.
the tenor headstock is later and made for the plate gudgeons. The
pulleys are also fairly modern.
there is a comparatively modern additional EW foundation beam 
this work is probably late C19.
there are no wheels or sliders, but the slider pins and trays remain.
only 2 has a stay.
The church is not on the NBR and George says the bells were stolen.
I have taken many pictures and recorded the sound of the bells
I also looked at Potsgrove which are as catalogued, the 3 are  on 3
levels hung dead in a Victorian turret. This is a CCC church.

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