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>From a letter received from America,
I wanted to let you know that in Sept. we happen to spend a day in Cork, Ireland, where we visited St. Anna Church, (or was it St. Ann's?)  No matter - The point is that for 5 euro you could climb to the top of the bell tower to take in the view, and on the way up stop to ring the bells.  Charles stayed below to listen while I payed the money to ring the bells.  They had 8 bells with each of the ropes lined up and numbered against the wall.  They had "music", that is the numerical order, for a number of different songs.  I started with Amazing Grace, followed by another hymn and finished with the Welsh National Anthem, a rather long piece.  I would still be there today, playing, if it wasn't for a group of Italian tourist that showed up and wanted to play,"Don't cry for me Argentina."  

Before replying to this letter, can any one tell me what is making these bells unringable and give any other material that may be of interest.
Thanks, Alan Buswell           
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