[Bell Historians] Bell's "Beer Mats"

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I seem to remember these mats being around in the late 1970s.  The
information was evidently based on secondary sources, but it was a good
idea...  and in those days there wasn't the internet to research it from.

Peter Rivet

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  While having a clear out I came across some beer mats that were given to
  me some years ago. There are just seven, and strictly they should be
  called whisky mats because they were issued by Bell's Scotch Whisky. On
  one side is a picture of the distillery and the reverse features a
  series of pictures and text under the title "Other Famous Bells".

  The ones I have are:
  No. 29, Great George, Bristol.
  No. 30, The Wimborne Bell (tenor).
  No. 33, Great Tom of Westminster.
  No. 34, The Downside Abbey Bell.
  No. 35, Southwark Cathedral tenor.
  No. 36 The Bell Shrine of Conall Caol, Ireland.
  No. 37, Bell of St. Pierre's Cathedral, Geneva.
  No. 38, Promise Bell, Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong.
  No. 39, The Big Bell of Our Lady of Pompeii, Italy.
  No. 40, Centenary Bell of the Unification of Italy.

  Does anyone have the set, or any details of when it was published? I
  would be interested to learn what other bells were included and how
  accurate the details are. The Great Tom of Westminster picture appears
  to be the same as that shown on the ASCY web-site (the bell actually
  hangs in St. Paul's Cathedral) but the notes on the beer mat do not
  mention recasting. The Southwark bell details also omit mention of
  recasting. The Wimborne bell is said to be "one of eight" but bears no
  relation to any listed on Dove. So there are plenty or errors,
  apparently and although one would not expect great detail or precision
  in such a production, it would be interesting to know just how accurate
  they are.


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