[Bell Historians] Bell's "Beer Mats"

Ted Steele ted.steele at oXk2EcyXhC4wS3xIkPVAx5xEzeqdh31pBx96VE-Eqo86_m49YyPdINVqqU1Kc-Bg6alxnzk490n6mg.yahoo.invalid
Thu Nov 6 12:34:36 GMT 2008

On checking, I see that the picture shows the bell without canons. Does 
that help?

I don't have access to Chris Dalton's book but an on-line source  
gives the inscription. As given it differs from the picture by the 
omission of some initials below the main text. I guess that these may be 
churchwardens, clergy or donor's. Does this confirm that the picture is 
of the modern bell?

As an after thought I have put pictures of the English bells in the pics 
section at Yahoo.

All this for a few beer mats; but perhaps of some minor interest. I see 
that the source given above is also "Bell's"! It seems that they do 
cathedrals as well as whisky!


Chris Pickford wrote:
> As I recall, it's the present tenor at Wimborne - complete with cast iron 
> stock - not the old one. The present bell (see photo in Dalton p.779) has 
> the inscription of its 1629 predecessor in "near facsimile" on the waist
> CP


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