[Bell Historians] RE: Bilbie/Rudhall bells

Anne Willis zen16073 at hrDaxKEsXKjKttsPntqeCtMJlfoXPX3HalbyTXpAFtCJXjhjZfRy_Y-E0bUJVdKUrYN3T4wvKwKBFFe4.yahoo.invalid
Tue Nov 25 16:46:16 GMT 2008

>For the period, I consider that the Evans foundry of Chepstow cast better
>bells. The six at Cwmdu, which were left untuned when Eayre & Smith rehung
>them, are – to my ears anyway – a very pleasant old-style six, and the
>decision not to retune them was the correct one. David’s comments on the
>Bilbies are interesting, as they were direct competitors to Evans, as the
>well-known inscription at Backwell bears testament.
>Andrew Bull 

I think I became aware of hum as a quality of bells when I rang on a
Warner/Evans senior set of bells somewhere in Herefordshire (I genuinely
forget where).  No hum at all.



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