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On a recent visit to Eijsbouts and the Bell Museum at Asten I saw some photos of this bell - including one with a full-sized JCB inside it breaking out the brick core! - and there's a wooden "model" made up of six or eight complete sections (i.e. like moulding boards) locked together. All very impressive


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  The largest swinging bell in the world is now claimed to be at Gotenba in Japan.   At around 36 tons, I believe it was cast in 2006 by Eijsbouts, but, interestingly, their web site makes no mention of it.   As far as I am aware the Riverside bourdon is still the largest tuned bell in the world .unless someone else knows different.



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  Some little time ago I asked if this was still the largest tuned bell 
  in the world. The response was that it was. I had some exam 
  invigilation yesterday when there were no snoopers about so I took the 
  opportunity to read some of Jill Johnston's Englands Child. On page 83 
  it states that the Riverside bourdon was exceeded in 2000 but not as 
  part of a carillon. Any suggestions? I was intrigued to read that three 
  of these monsters had been cast and rejected - then the first one was 

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