[Bell Historians] Big bells was Riverside bass bell

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Thank goodness for a return to sanity (though Alan Taylor's version of the W.A.T. expression is the correct one) :)

No doubt there's a lot in what George says about microphones. I cannot believe that the Japanese would pay out for what sounds like a right old bucket. The French bell at Newport I've heard digitally recorded, and it's reasonable for what it is - very much like a large version of the Savoyarde (1892) at the Sacre-Coeur. It also clappers right which the Dutch bell apears not to. The best thing about the Japanese bell is the audience enthusiasm!

For untuned bells, give me Great Paul any day. A credit to its founders as much now as when it was first cast.


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  The recent Eijsbouts bell in Japan - looks untuned to me:


  Peace Bell at Newport Kentucky (Cast by Paccard):


  Both sound disappointing to my ears! Using Bill Hibberts Tuner - both seem to have fairly wild harmonics!

  I rather suspect the sound you hear reflects the microphone rather than the bell!


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