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I have details of them all (I think) but not readily accessible except the 1788 peal

Details from Replica peal board at Swan Bells, Perth - The Society of / College Youths / did ring on Monday October the 6; 1788; A Compleat Peal of / 6204 / CINQUES ON STEDMAN'S PRINCIPLE: / in 4 Hours & 47 Minutes; / This Great Performance being the first in this method on TWELVE BELLS / is an Instance of that Unrivall'd merit, only to be Equall'd by A Similar / ASSIDUITY and PERSEVERANCE. / [names of performers in two columns] / Thomas Blakemore, Treble. / Robert Pye Donkin, Second. / John Povey, Third. / Christopher Wells, Fourth. / James Worster, Fifth. / John Inville, Sixth. // James Hammett, Seventh. / Nathaniel Williamson, Eighth. / William Lyford, Ninth. / Samuel Lawrence, Tenth. / Edmund Sylvester, Eleventh. Philip Pilgrim, TENOR. // Compos'd and Call'd by Thos. Blakemore

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