[Bell Historians] Record peals data

Hayden Charles hcharles at zu-y_QB4i4PHDCpnKqoUEG7qRl-icH56WL5oPU7BhySwNE_Q4rjWVqIK72IWmoLIvzQqFox4wrrUmboHSLtX3Q4.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 23 11:48:30 BST 2008

khsbelring at oljBEqGxQ-bNgbR45TYP7G1lX2rx5Opex_2cPOBtowECp2mvQlaiSHEiX_efbHyXiHBoArKnTEgC.yahoo.invalid wrote on 23/10/2008 10:50:
> All of the details for these peals are in the 1903 Stedman by Charles 
> Davies except the compositions.
> Howard E. J. Smith

I have sent Mark a scan of the peals from the 1938 Trollope edition. 
Hope he gets it as it was a large attachment.

Hayden Charles


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