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More powerful has been the following ruling:


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>  The following response to the ‘Livewithit’ epetition has just
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>  Were the changes proposed made to the legislation, a statutory nuisance
>  causing activity, such as a factory or a noisy neighbour, could be allowed
>  to continue to blight an area as they happened to be resident before the
>  complainant.  Case law states that this situation cannot be allowed to
>  happen. In relation to the noise sources specifically mentioned, however,
>  it seems unlikely that an Environmental Health department would consider
>  church bells or children playing in a playground to be considered a
>  statutory nuisance as they very well may be considered reasonable for the
>  area.
>  As the statutory nuisance regime is currently structured, the
>  determination of whether a statutory nuisance exists cannot be made until a
>  qualified representative of an Environmental Health department witnesses
>  the noise.   As such, discouraging residents to make complaints relating to
>  noise could be argued to be counterproductive.
>  It is for these reasons that there are no plans at present to change the
>  law to favour existing noise sources over new residents.
>  As is so often the case, it would appear that those making the rules have
>  absolutely no idea of what is actually happening at the coal face!
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