[Bell Historians] Enquiry from Ohio

Peter Trotman ptrotman at XWrLzJHOe6XkLQWstRJ7TsYt2Bv8BwA-X9BpK1hoUxBFa_RNYIhVD3g8-DMPNH6eGdQ_LTt6hXgWleU.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 29 18:47:16 GMT 2008

As Dianne Cermak is not a member of this list I'm posting the reply
which she has already sent to the inquirer:

On 10/29/08, Dianne Cermak <dspc at fsPd7cqK_l30_bNrTdv4vjpuD5k5dJkEv03zVVanUQyCDIhHYxph87DxPF7z0zlo1EG7l-cKOUpsBg.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> The office at St. John's Cathedral have informed me that their bell is rung
> at 5:05 as a call to worship for the 5:10 mass.  It is rung 27 times because
> that is the number of blows that can be made in one minute.
>  Dianne Cermak
>  Public Relations Officer
>  North American Guild of Change Ringers


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