19th century handbell history

Anne Doggett adoggett at CIRToQl9bdjoVroeP7pqM-TxQKPxKqpT8Hzy3jMG7b1bFqxdHXHatD0d0KG089nVgk5NsuMQxSmOWpXq20c.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 2 00:58:09 BST 2008

I have just joined the list and hope someone can help me by suggesting
where I go to find a social history of handbell ringing in the
nineteenth century. Change ringing is of interest if it relates to the
social background (I already have Butler's book and information on
methods)but I'm particularly interested in learning about the
popularity of tune ringing, the major teams and the Belle Vue
competitions. Any information would be gratefully received.


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