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Tue Sep 2 07:54:25 BST 2008

Apologies - again. I really have committed an indiscretion this time, and I can only apologise most deeply. 

I'm certainly guilt of a Gerald Rattner here, and we all know what happened to his jewellery empire after his huge gaffe on TV about his stores selling utter rubbish! 

If anyone who hasn't seen the list of books - there is some good stuff, despite what I may seem to have been saying in what were intended to be private messages (just not as much good stuff as there was when I started work on the disposal of the duplicates some time back) - then please do get in touch. 

But it does serve as a reminder (if I needed to be reminded) that "reply" on this list sends to the whole list and to to the contributor.

Profuse apologies


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