Which are the top 10 bell & /or bellhanging related books?

Anne Doggett adoggett at 8jK1yq9W4JAFbpAKkvJwcyWISmu81H4Dx3lvw0RvyVyrdkc9J0E5Z_9_fmud0XRk9viSkq7O5IY809Yxb8wLzw.yahoo.invalid
Wed Sep 3 11:04:18 BST 2008

I agree with some that have been mentioned and disagree with others,  
but two of my favourites are The Nine Tailors - have been reading that  
regularly for the past 50 years so it must be good! - and Village  
Bells by Alain Corbin, a work that has made me look more deeply at the  
significance and meaning of bells.


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