[Bell Historians] FW: Oldham St. Mary

David Sloman david at mNJS3zcWWu4ddUbFquP5Ls25SsLJqyk_9ot6ZBWrqQ694FuoNJTsSSocgNYGno-YzLHz1H00JWaacNO4Teee5NplRzHB_Mb9.yahoo.invalid
Sun Sep 7 14:09:48 BST 2008

Some of the Abraham Rudhall ring of 1722 from St. Mary's were dispersed when the 1830 ring was installed, one to St. Peter's Oldham, one to St. James Oldham and one possibly to Newton Heath(since recast-if it did go there).

Is the disused Rudhall bell in the tower at. St. Mary's, one returned from either St. Peter or St. James or another bell.

Would be grateful for any information.


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