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Thank you all for the detailed information submitted on the Rudhall ring at Oldham.

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  Pleased to see this detailed information from Derek, as I was just about to have a rummage in my files for the details. 

  Nothing to add on the main details, except that the diameters of the two Rudhall bells were St.James (31.25") and St.Peter (36"). The tenor (i.e. the Newton Heath bell) would have been about 41"

  I can offer a snippet regarding the old tenor and Newton Heath. The present bell at Newton Heath is by C. & G. Mears, 1854 - weight 11-2-15. The Whitechapel records indicate that the previous bell weighed 12-1-16. This was almost certainly the old tenor from Oldham (by Rudhall 1722) sold to Newton Heath in 1827 and recast in 1854. 

  The eight bells (tenor 16-2-16) cast by William Dobson for Newton Heath in 1818 were sold to St.Luke's, Liverpool in about 1825 (having been advertised for sale in the Manchester Mercury in Feb/March 1825) and hung by George Gillebrand in 1828. The story is told in Bryan McGahey's "Peace and Good Neighbourhood".


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