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I'm having a HUGE clear-out in order to squeeze my library and files into much smaller accommodation. The time has come to tidy up properly after making do through a series of house moves! I have a few things that might be of use and interest to somebody else. It was some time ago, but before anyone queries the use of the list for this I did ask the list owner for permission.

Odd items available free of charge on a first-come-first served basis - in return for reimbursement of p&p of course - include:
  a.. Print-out of my Bells in Greater London file (covers the area within the M25)
  b.. Unbound print-out of my "Turret clocks" book - an edited version of the lists of clocks from clockmakers catalogues etc (AHS publication)
  c.. Print-out of miscellaneous information on bells in Cornwall - mostly data from foundry records etc
  d.. CHURCH GUIDES (bundled by County - mainly southern and western counties, but some for the north and east too)
I also have to sell - for first sensible offer - spare copies of:
  a.. Dodds "The Church Bells of Hertfordshire" 
  b.. Massey "The Bells of Frome Deanery"
  c.. Gorham Rice "Carillons of Belgium and Holland"
  d.. Morris "History and Art of Change Ringing" (the 1960s reprint)
  e.. and a non-bell item that may be of interest to some on this list - Clutton & Niland "The British Organ"
I still have copies of some of my own publications. It would be good to reduce stocks to save space, so some are now at "special offer" prices
  a.. "Bellframes" - £5 inc p&p (was £7.50)
  b.. "Steeple, Bells and Ringers of Coventry Cathedral" - £5 inc p&p (was £10.95 plus p&p)
  c.. "Ampthill Church Bells" - £1 (was plus p&p)
  d.. The Bowell CD - still £25 (unable to discount owing to agreement with Suffolk Guild but now inc - not plus - p&p)
  e.. "Bedfordshire Churches" (Vol 1only - from series of four volumes)
There is a longer list of titles - local history material, churches, architecture, family history books and some runs of historical periodicals - that I'm currently hawking round secondhand booksellers in the hope of finding takers. Happy to e-mail this list to anyone who might be interested. Similarly, if there's a book in these subject areas (i.e. other than clocks and bells) you;ve been looking for then do ask - if I have a copy and don't particularly need it, I may be willing to 

I am also about to dispose of five or six freestanding BOOKCASES of various sizes (3 to 6 shelves - timber and MDF) and some metal filing cabinets and card index drawers. If anyone is interested, please get in touch and I'll provide information on quality and sizes etc

Please contact me off list - c.j.pickford at - if interested. If you can help me to clear the decks, I'll be delighted to hear from you. 

Chris Pickford
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Tel: 01384 878435 or (mobile) 07811 453525
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