[Bell Historians] Pre-Reformation bells of Lichfield Cathedral

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I did quite a lot of research on Lichfield for a couple of RW articles back in the mid 1980s, the main one being:

"Bishop Hacket, Richard Keene and the Bells of Lichfield Cathedral (1670-1688)" in Ringing World 1 June 1984 pp.461, 468-71 and 8 June 1984 pp.493-4

I don't have the text electronically - this was long ago in the days of typewriters and carbon paper! It won't add much on the mediaeval bells, but it does tell the rather interesting story of Bishop Hacket (a College Youth in the 1640s) and the restoration of the Cathedral after extensive damage in the Civil War. The installation of a heavy ring of six was completed at the very end of Hacket's life

The other article "Lichfield Bells, and the Society of Loyal Youths in the City of Lichfield (1686-90)" in Ringing World 27 May 1983 pp.423-4 deals with the installation of the Bagley ten in 1688 and the surviving documentation regarding early ringing there under the Loyal Youths.

Just mentioning these in case they are of interest.

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