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David Willis dcwillispiano at 2AdG0nQEFRGR25WSrbxnsA5bsWMUsO9KiRhTw0uN_Edf6pYKM2tdI98-aLPKx00_c1UvVzC20TiqnhaNf9yDmHjB.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 24 11:49:59 BST 2009

I had the pleasure yesterday of tuning a piano up , yes UP , to  THREE 
semitones flat of concert pitch .
You can drop that bell on it for me please and cure 2 problems at once !

--- On Fri, 24/4/09, Andrew Higson andrew.higson at UTNJmI76i0cekvjHzWuBqtET77F_fGOI3a5vaT2JIDXy3esSmxYL6YSEnpOF5zR3njJBWgPKFjph6x0DwcMV-kBueIYkaZQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
Just had a quick chat with Dickon. He seems quite keen on a semitone bell at one of his more recent projects. J
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