'The Church Bells of England 1912' on Million Books Project

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at RYzUrplzjIoHvn9HLeMCqyGy64PrGEif6YqKDRCDsCm7Hn89iNx5YK2WqY-w7M-tWyXXmVl-l_cee11ybS6WxUYNCOw.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 21 10:27:12 GMT 2009

For those who missed out on the recent e-bay auction of `Church Bells
of England' (by H.B. Walter Walters, 1912) the entire book is
available free on-line in various formats that can be downloaded along
with many other church bell publications as part of the `Million Books
Project'. Most are in a format that can be word searched. Here is a
link to the main search page:


I have found this resource most useful in compiling the history of the
bells of Canewdon.

Brian Meldon


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