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Fri Jan 23 15:07:25 GMT 2009

Hello Brian,

Perhaps you are confusing me with the person who makes the CDs.

My books are facsimile copies and are printed and hand bound as close to 
the originals as possible, considering available materials and cost.   
Definitely not able to word search  in my case.   :-)

Have you not seen one of my publications?
Best wishes

Alan Ellis
Vancouver, B.C.

Brian Meldon wrote:

> Hi Alan
> Most of the books on the Million Books Project are more than just
> facsimile copies made by scanning the original books pages. They can
> also be word searched. This is possible because they use a very clever
> piece of software to process the scanning of the books in to multiple
> formats. One example of this is `The Church Bells of Essex' by Deeds
> and Walters (1909) that has only recently been made available.
> >From what I have been told it has something to do with it being 100
> years old. Each book has an entry for the copyright status of the
> book, in the case of the above book it states:
> Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
> Can your PDF books be word searched? If so I would be interested to
> know what software you are using.
> Brian Meldon.
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> wrote:
> >
> > Hello Everybody,
> >
> > As a publisher of facsimile books on ringing, may I clarify a couple of
> > points.
> >
> > All my facsimile copies have been made by copying original books with
> > permission where needed. The books are either in my own library or
> are
> > borrowed from other ringers or, in one case, the Bodleian Library. I
> > do not down load them off the internet.
> >
> > Although an attempt was made to use the CD for "Church Bells of
> > Cornwall", it turned out that the CD was incomplete as it failed to
> > include the two title pages and the three page index.
> >
> > The use of the CD for the "Church Bells of Oxfordshire" is being
> > investigated as the source for a facsimile book but all permissions
> will
> > be in place before we proceed.
> >
> > Best wishes
> >
> > Alan Ellis
> >

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