[Bell Historians] First World War memorial bells

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Although it's not what you have asked for the 8 at Strathfield Mortimer St Mary
and the 6 at St John ( near Reading ) are complete M & S rings cast in 1896, 
the year of Henry's birth . 
Not knowing where you ring, may I suggest that you download the national bell
register for your local diocese(s) and sort the data by date, place, dedication
and that should show up complete rings of particular dates which you could
investigate further.
I could not detect any other complete 1896 rings in the Oxford, London or
Exeter NBR's
Hope you find somewhere suitable

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Does anyone on the list happen to know of any rings of bells that were cast as a First World War memorial? There has been talk in my area of ringing a quarter or peal for Henry Allingham and Harry Patch and ringing something on a WWI memorial ring seems appropriate.

With thanks,

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