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Mon Jun 8 10:12:32 BST 2009

I am helping Holy Trinity, Dartford, to gather the details of all their
peals and wonder if the list could advise on a couple of sources.


Felstead gives the reference source for a peal on 26 December 1807 as E.I.O.
I checked Felstead's list of abbreviations and found E and EIO listed under
E.  E = Era.  EIO = EJ Osborn manuscript.  I found the manuscript on the Web
but it did not appear to include this peal.  What is Era?  Or is the
manuscript I found on the Web not the right thing to be looking at?


The very first peal at Dartford listed by Felstead is dated 19 May 1746 and
the reference is given as 'Eastern Scholars'.  Does anyone know how and
where we can follow up this reference to get the details?


Hoping you can help.


Hazel Basford

Hon Librarian



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