[Bell Historians] Restorations etc

Mike Chester mike at Kn4WgcoV43RAtgaHLHZR39XDvOYWrdt9w4rMswPrcJ43rIGstZY8Ne_46XUG3bg00RNXL-yCf3z5xwz8stsbycOB_TDGjCs.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jun 24 22:23:58 BST 2009

Please, gentlemen, this topic was very interesting, but almost impossible to follow in the latest digest, due to the inclusion of several previous messages in each of your posts.  Please do a bit of deleting before replying.

You have broken the record of the Nabbers in terms of the pages it would need to print out any digest!  It would have taken 59 sheets of paper!  ;-)



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