[Bell Historians] Newport, Shropshire

David Bryant davidbryant at wgtKvWIw8SUXw3l4Kmjpvl4s26MxQk0FS2j7klb5W5QCvOdHjHotr4U197BNUZGm7wOtyg2ZMHkTaf7LOu1OrjQ.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jun 29 19:09:32 BST 2009

"As to the best, I'd nominate Yorkshire - not only because it has a real 
wealth of very fine rings, but also for the potential fun of watching the 
tykes squabble over which Riding or what modern administrative area has the 
best bells."

I reckon it's probably the West Riding - all those nice Taylor (and a few 
Gillett) rings. The usual argument is which is Yorkshire's best eight - 
personally I think Skipton, but Howden also has a lot of fans.

Mind you, Yorkshire does have some really crap rings too, although you have 
to look quite hard to find them. I can recommend Bedale and Burneston in 
this category.



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