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 I was looking through the 1848 London Post Office Directory and found the
 entry for 'Mears, Chas & Geo. church & musical bell founders, & sole
 manufacturers of the patent bell, 267 Whitechapel road' 
 What is/was a 'patent bell'? 
 In the same year John Warner & Son were brassfounders at 8 Jewin crescent,
 and Alfred F. Warner was a tinplate worker at 25 Union street, Bishopsgate.
 Did the two get together to cast bells, one supplying the copper, the other

I wonder if it was what can be found via GoogleBooks:
'The London Journal of Arts & Sciences (and repertory of patent inventions' page 115
which tells of a patent taken out in that same year for a device for communicating on railway carriages... also could be used as a station bell, alarm bell,or in stable yards, porters' lodges etc

Eddie Martin

Could be in connection with an early form of train communication cord
wich rang a bell in the locomotive cab. Invented by T E Harrison , the Harrison
cord was approved by the Board of Trade in 1859 . Its failure to work 
properly was a factor in the Shipton rail disaster of 1874 . Current
systems automatically apply the train brakes .

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