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I have been updating all my records on Wiltshire, at the same time sending updates to Dove but have refrained from sending information from your Whitechapel list as requested, however have you any objection from me doing so if the information came from CD. The entry in question is Dinton, where 3 & 4 were recast by M & S in 1935 but the founders detail for 2 is wrong also.


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  Peter asks "when did hemispherical bells start being made?"

  A quick search in my file gives "earliest dates" of 1842 for Mears, 1847 for Taylor and pre-1858 for Warner - although I wouldn't be surprised to find earlier examples as my list is far from complete

  "Dish bells" were made in the C18th, and Thomas Eayre of Kettering made a set of 12 (or so) for Harrowden Park in Northants in the 1750s, unfortunately destroyed by fire in the later C18th. Some examples by the Eayres and by Edward Arnold (e.g. Glaston, Rutland, 1793 - but scrapped) are known. All from memory so e&oe


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