Michael Wilby michael.wilby at
Sun Mar 8 15:14:47 GMT 2009

In Birmingham we've got sets for St Philip's and St Paul's: they're good.  

It's true that you need to apply the anti-slip paint to the clappers to ensure the muffles stay in position for extended ringing.  We've yet to do it at St Philip's as we're modifying the clappering around the ring: I think the painting is best left until you're certain you won't be altering anything as (IIRC) the instructions suggest it takes a few hours.

I'm very impressed with the product.


--- In bellhistorians at, "Dickon Love" <dickon at ...> wrote:
> What are people's experience with Big Wilf's muffles as opposed to the
> standard Whitechapel muffles?  Is it true the clappers have to be
> treated with a non-slip paint first?
> Advice welcome.
> DrL


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