[Bell Historians] Early handbell ringing

Anne Willis zen16073 at 4765AXuUw57mtpaUea2ZqNOtPkvRfjyyqlSo6tTfitN8DaTpKHKohBVn5DbQAgHp-lltMyHXjGtOQlc.yahoo.invalid
Sun Mar 8 15:22:13 GMT 2009

Is anything much known about when people started change 
ringing on handbells? I had always believe (evidently 
incorrectly) that handbell ringing had only really begun in 
the 19th century. However, browsing some of the early 
Cambridge Youths account books, I've found a few
references to the handbells as early as 1725:

Are there other records of handbells being rung this early?


Bill Butler in 'Musical Handbells' dates some Cor handbells from Aldbourne
to the last quarter of the 17th century, though it seems that they could be
used as handbells or wagon bells.



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