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Personally I don't have any problem with this, but another list member  has 
contacted me saying that their comments were intended for a specific group  and 
shouldn't have been passed on without checking first. If anyone wants to  
forward emails on a particular subject can they therefore please ask first  
whether anyone has a problem with this.
I have always felt that writing to this list is effectively putting  
information into the public domain. I can't remember signing any confidentialty  
agreement when signing upto this list, saying that I won't tell anyone  about stuff 
that appers here - or have I missed  something?? 
This list is a useful source of information/news/gossip for all of us &  long 
may it continue. David Hope and/or members of Malvern tower/PCC could be  
members of this list - taking information and comments straight to the horses  
Best wishes,

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