[Bell Historians] Great Malvern Priory

John Baldwin Dovemaster at bJFcymIxwdOnKG10NSWa4rMO_v56KC2Y277TkbtmteKJgcQwDFxdGFcMJUJs8R9vRbe6jMEG0CbjzaY6F7aCMQ.yahoo.invalid
Thu Mar 12 08:58:29 GMT 2009

Yesterday, I happened to be in casual conversation with a diocesan chancellor and apprised him of the general reactions that had been expressed on this email group to the Malvern faculty application.

His immediate reaction was that if the ringers and the church authorities concerned were of the same general view, namely that the decision handed down had not properly considered certain aspects of the case, then the obvious course open to them was to appeal the decision.  

He seemed so relaxed about that, that I suspect that it is not often that adequate and competent feedback is received by chancellors and -  through this group - can we not simply just encourage such a course of action.


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