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If they are the same as other I have seen, the A castings are not
particularly rigid laterally as they have no ribbing so even when fixed
on a rigid grillage, I'm not convinced that they stand well enough to
allow the bells to ring really well.


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Here in Leicestershire we had the similar frame at Ashby de la Zouch.
The bells were becoming very difficult to ring because of the movement
of the base timbers. A faculty was granted for the rehanging of the
bells which involved a redesigned frame on steel beams properly fixed to
the tower using the A frames for most of the bells except the tenor
which was mounted on new H castings. Others no doubt will comment on how
well they go.




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Could it be that the whole thing has been miss handled?
There is no doubt that cast A frames on a very heavy steel grillage
could meet the highest standards of technical excellence, and ultimately
be more flexible with regard to future augmentations, than a low side

A frame design conserving the A frames, casting and adding new ones
could meet everyone's needs, and be aesthetically pleasing, but would be
unaffordable, in comparison to a modern low side replacement.

Surly the presented alternatives should have had equal technical merit,
and useful life, so that the real difference in cost was shown.

That would have put those wanting to retain as much of the old frame as
possible (just the A castings) in the position of justifying the
additional spend, and in the case of EH, take on board the additional


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