Great Malvern Priory

David Bagley david at
Thu Mar 12 19:03:39 GMT 2009

Like many others, I have been following this thread with interest. I used to 
ring at the Priory every week before I moved to Tewkesbury, and know the 
bells and ringers well.

There have been some interesting comments, especially from John Allen 
refuting the stated fact that the Lichfield ringers are happy with their 
strengthened frame.

Not mentioned in the judgement, although referred to in one of the postings, 
is the fact that EH actually own one of these frames, at Temple Church in 

It seems to me that the judgement contains both inaccuracies and omissions.

However, nobody has yet brought up the matter of money.

Does anybody seriously think that, following this judgement, the ringers/PCC 
are going to bother to raise a vast amount of money to buy what they don't 
want? I don't think so. This ruling has therefore effectively silenced the 
bells at the Priory.

I do feel so very sorry for what's left of the band. There have already been 
resignations over the lack of progress and more may well follow.



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