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My name is Paul Cross and I am currently the Treasurer of St Andrew's Churchh PCC at Paull, near Hull on the banks of the Humber. We have recently raised £200,000 for restoration work on the Church. Part of the work includes the Restoration of the Church Bell and in fact the work began on this yesterday when the bell was lowered from the Tower. 

The side of the bell is inscribed James Harrison bellfounder Barton 1788. I am trying to Photograph, film and document the renovation work. I wondered if you could help with any information about the Bell itself or its maker (possibly a photograph of him should one exist).

I have attached a photograph of the bell as it was being lowered yesterday.

Thanking you in anticipation

Paul Cross
58 Beverley Road
South Cave
East Yorkshire
HU15 2BB
crosspaulg at rcBTg_9gxyIdYWvEGj2xRmtNX9ecen2gqON879d-7wlViIcNkiKiqAQQpftFm7628_0UqapgS2v2OJo.yahoo.invalid
Tel: 07711797200

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