[Bell Historians] Tyntesfield

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Fri May 15 10:10:46 BST 2009

At 01:35 15/05/2009, Richard wrote:

>I wasn't much involved with the acquisition of Tyntesfield, but sat 
>on one of the staff committees that oversaw the preliminaries to all 
>new acquisitions and, like every other major property the Trust 
>takes on, the world and his wife visited Tyntesfield before the 
>final decision to acquire the house was made.   We had reports on 
>everything from the state of the drains to the colour of the dust in 
>the attics, so I'd have been very surprised if bells were not included!
>With such a huge financial undertaking as Tyntesfield, it is good 
>governance to ensure that everything has been checked out before 
>acquisition and that no nasty surprises, costing millions of pounds 
>to fix, are lurking behind (or in!) the woodwork ready to jump out 
>years later and throw budgets into turmoil.

Is there a mechanical servants' bell system at Tyntesfield?   If so, 
would that have been covered in Chris Dalton's survey?



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