[Bell Historians] Tyntesfield

Robert Lewis editor at vG_aTiRMNLg66Sw9-xoPQKh9isW_KLLxI2k_f_6dSvOEZHsGJDojbzwbH6cYPvry4okqgIZ2rtxTiIf_Z5EIQ2c.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 15 15:11:59 BST 2009

Out of interest, does anyone know if any of the major founders were 
involved in producing servants' bells - or was this just a cottage 
industry in the Black Country?
I have noticed that the quality of these bells does seem to vary 
considerably - even within sets from the same house.

I was given a set of ten from a shooting lodge in Scotland many years 
ago. Two of those are exceptionally good; maybe they were augmented 
at some stage!



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